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About the library

At bibliotekmitt.se you can find information about books and other material at the libraries. You can also create a user account to be able to make reservations on books and renew your loans.


Borrowing information

You can borrow free of charge at the libraries in Jämtland/Härjedalen. At the libraries you have access to books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks and other materials. You can also use our computers and internet. Several of the libraries also have e-books, music, DVD-films, video games and books in other languages than swedish. Ask the librarians at your local library for more information.

The lending time for books and other materials is usually four weeks, but there are some exceptions. For example, movies and new books have a shorter lending time.

Library card and loan responsibility

You need a libary card to be able to borrow books and other materials and to use the computers. You can get a library card by presenting a valid photo-ID when you visit the library. The library card is a personal document which you have to bring with you to the library to be able to borrow.

The books shall be be returned in time, in good condition. You are responsible for all items borrowed with your library card.

Late fees and renewed loans

If books and other materials are returned late, the library will charge a late fee. You can renew your loans of most items, but you may not renew loans of material for which there is a queue or material with short loan periods. Books with short loan periods usually have a great demand and are often new.

You will find the return date on your loan receipt and when you login at bibliotekmitt.se.


You can make a reservation on a borrowed book. The library will notify you when the book is available. If you provide your e-mailadress or cellphonenumber you will recieve an e-mail or a text message when the book is available.

For more information, please contact your local library.

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